terça-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2013

Parabéns senhor Jarmusch

«I know. It's all so . . . independent. I'm so sick of that word. I reach for my revolver when I hear the word 'quirky.' Or 'edgy.' Those words are now becoming labels that are slapped on products to sell them. Anyone who makes a film that is the film they want to make, and it is not defined by marketing analysis or a commercial enterprise, is independent. My movies are kind of made by hand. They're not polished -- they're sort of built in the garage. It's more like being an artisan in some way».

Uma pequena citação para celebrar os 60 anos de Jim Jarmusch.

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  1. Muitos Parabéns ao Sr. Jarmush que continue a ser o artesão que tem sido, gosto muito do seu estilo :)